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I Am Powerful

I Am Powerful

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I Am Powerful is one of our 25mm luxurious lashes! We often second guess our abilities and decisions in life but learn to stop doubting and to start to trust your the power you have within you! Instead of being an overthinker become an intuitive thinker and start getting closer to YOUR goals! YOUR THOUGHTS ARE POWERFUL. 

 Our luxurious wispy lash can be worn to add to any bomb look! We also will ENSURE a comfortable band that makes it look seamless and natural, making you want to wear it ALL day so it's definitely a must-have for your lash collection! 

Things to know about our lashes:

  • All of our lashes can be worn 30+ times if properly worn and taken care of.
  • A lash brush is provided with each lash. 
  • Brushing out lashes is recommended to keep hairs always looking soft and fluffy. 
  • Sleeping in our lashes is not recommended. 

Tip: after wearing your lashes store them back in our lash case to ensure they remain in good shape and safe from any debris or moisture. 


Check out our lash care tips page for application and aftercare instructions!

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